Exercise Programs

HeartStart provides individualsed exercise prescription for people with cardiovascular disease. 

Services offered include;

  • Home exercise programming
  • Centre-based group programs
  • Maintenance exercise programs

The choice of setting and mode of delivery is based on best practice, patient needs and choice.

Exercise training is associated with improvements in fitness, symptoms, quality of life and sleep, and reduced feelings of depression and anxiety and is recommended by local Cardiologists.

HeartStart Cornish Walking Track

Particpants walk at their own level and at a pace to achieve their target heart rate and improve aerobic function.  This program is supervised by an Exercise Professional and Nurse.

Sessions - Monday, Wednesday and Friday                                                                                                            6am - 6.45am and 7am - 7.45am 

[All sessions include 5 minute warm up, 30 minutes paced walking and 5 minutes flexibility/stretching warm down]  No Cost to participants

Water Aerobics 4 Heart

Water aerobics sessions are provided for people where land based exercise is not recommended as the water reduces stress and strain on the body's joints.

Sessions - Monday, Wednesday and Friday  2.30pm - 3.15pm  

[All sessions include warm up, 30 minutes of aerobics and resistance activity and 5 minutes cool down]              Cost $5 (pool entry)

Cardiac and Heart Failure Rehabilitation

A gym based rehabilitation program is provided for cardiac and heart failure patients who require a more supervised or post-surgical exercise program.  Telemetry equipment is used to monitor patients' heart rate and rhythm during these sessions.             

Ask your GP for a referral to the HeartStart Program