Cardiac Rehabilitation


HeartStart has been providing quality cardiac rehabilitation to clients in          Bundaberg since 1994.

Cardiac rehabilitation describes providing individualised and specialised care to people                                         who are at risk of or with cardiovascular disease.

Aims of Cardiac Rehabilitaion:
  • Identify people with CVD and those at risk of developing CVD
  • Increase secondary prevention after cardiovascular events
  • Primary prevention of the disease within the community
  • Decrease hospital re-admissions

All patients with CVD should be referred to a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

HeartStart Cardiac Rehabilitaion provide the following services:
  • Support to all cardiac patients and families
  • Referral to CVD support group - Heart Support Australia - Bundaberg Branch
  • Exercise Prescriptions and Programs
  • Individual Risk & Exercise Assessments
  • Disease Education
  • Self-managment education and coaching