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Central Queensland University

Bundaberg Health Promotions Ltd has partnered with Central Queensland University for this research study starting in February 2018. The purpose of this study is to understand people’s attitudes and beliefs about physical activity during and following rehabilitation. We are interested also in tracking your involvement with the rehabilitation program and your physical activity behaviour (both inside and outside of the rehabilitation program). The findings of this study will help inform how to improve the activity aspect of the rehabilitation programs.

Rebar, A. L., Judd, J., Gardner, B., & Askew, C. (2017). Towards a better understanding of why people do or do not adopt an active lifestyle during and following cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Central Queensland University & Bundaberg Health Promotions, Ltd. Bundaberg Health Promotions Ltd. Partner Investigators: Kelly Dooley, Simon Halloran, Lucy Ashby, & Martin Strahan


Pulmonary rehabilitation is considered a key component of the management of people with COPD and has been shown to reduce symptoms of breathlessness and fatigue, improve health-related quality of life (HRQoL), and may reduce hospital readmissions after an exacerbation. Typically pulmonary rehabilitation comprises exercise training to increase functional capacity and education to help improve knowledge of disease and self-management.

The Australian and New Zealand Pulmonary Rehabilitation Guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations for the practice of PR specific to Australian and New Zealand healthcare contexts. This document provides a summary version of the Guidelines for clinicians and policy makers.

Alison, J.A., McKeough, Z.J., Johnston, K., McNamara, R.J., Spencer, L.M., Jenkins, S.C., Hill, C.J., McDonald, V.M., Frith, P., Cafarella, P., Brooke, M., Cameron-Tucker, H.L., Candy, S., Cecins, N., Chan, A.S.L., Dale, M., Dowman, L.M., Granger, C., Halloran, S., Jung, P., Lee, A., Leung, R., Matulik, T., Osadnik, C., Roberts, M., Walsh, J., Wootton, S., Holland, A.E. On behalf of the Lung Foundation Australia and the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (2017) Australian and New Zealand Pulmonary Rehabilitation Guidelines. Respirology, doi: 10.1111/resp.13025

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