Cornish Track Walking

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6.30am – 7.15am
Wednesday 3.30pm-4.15pm
Thornhill Street, North Bundaberg

This is our ongoing group walking program at our Cornish Walking Track. It is based on a design developed by Dr Geoffrey Cornish. The walking track is a simple yet effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Participants walk on a flat grassed area around circular lines that form a ‘wheel’ from the centre. Walking speed and distance increases as you walk further out on the circle. Walkers keep pace by crossing intersecting lines on the sound of a beep which sounds every 5 seconds. The track walk duration is usually 40 minutes (including 5 minutes warm-up and cool-down) Some walkers may choose to walk only part of that time. The Track is supervised by our health professionals.

Please notify reception if you wish to attend our Track Walking program.

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