Dr. Els Joossens

Dr. Els Joossens

General Practitioner

Dr. Els Joossens has been a GP for 20 years.

Els studied Medicine in Belgium and graduated as MD at the University of Antwerp in 1996.

She did part of her internship in Australia, at Saint Vincent Hospital in Sydney under Prof Mundy and ….

Els did further training in acute medicine and surgical assist for one year and then spent a year in research and vaccine study at the department of epidemiology at the University of Antwerp.

In 1998 Els decided to go into GP training, which she finished 2 years later. She also obtained the Special Certificate in Acute Medicine.

Next to being a GP, Els remained working part-time in hospital as well, first as Emergency Physician, later as Hospital Doctor for a main Antwerp Orthopaedic Centre.

Since her internship in Australia, Els had a desire to come back to this beautiful country and by coincidence, or is it faith, the opportunity arose.

After a few campervan travels through Australia the family agreed and they emigrated in 2014.

Els started to work in a Boyne Island medical practice and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in ….

She joined Branyan Clinic in May 2020.

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