Non-Scalpel Vasectomy Bundaberg

Non-Scalpel Vasectomy Bundaberg

Non-Scalpel Vasectomy Bundaberg

Branyan Clinic offers a Vasectomy Bundaberg service referred to as ‘Non-Scalpel Vasectomy’ that is effective, safe and less invasive than a traditional surgical vasectomy.

Non-Scalpel Vasectomy Bundaberg Vasectomy FAQs

A vasectomy done at the Branyan Clinic, Bundaberg stops the sperm from leaving the testicles where they are formed meaning that the man becomes sterile. In an NSV the doctor feels for the tubes (the vas deferens) under the skin and holds them in place with a small clamp. The doctor makes a single one-centimetre incision in the midline at the front of the scrotum (on the line at the front of your sac) and is able to cut both tubes (black arrowed in picture) through this single incision. The tubes are blocked using the same cautery needle that is used to make the incision. Because this needle burns as it cuts there is very little bleeding during the procedure. As the incision is so small there is no need to stitch or glue the wound at the end of the procedure.

Yes. NSV carries the lowest risk of complications compared to all other forms of vasectomy. Having said that, all surgery carries risks such as bleeding, infection, scarring and pain. Serious complications are rare.

Yes. Around 99.5% of men will have a clear semen sample after sixteen weeks. After this, there is a 1:2000 chance of becoming fertile again (the tubes reconnect themselves) and getting your partner pregnant. Although this sounds like a high chance of failure it is actually at least twice as effective as the most effective coil and ten times as effective as female sterilisation.

The initial consultation is 15-20 minutes for Branyan Clinic, Bundaberg, patients or 30 minutes for new patients. The operation appointment is approximately 30 minutes from walking in to walking out. See the enclosed timeline for how long it will be before you can stop using other forms of contraception.

Most men comment afterwards that is was “nowhere near as bad” as they thought it was going to be. In reality the only part of the operation that is painful is when we inject the local anaesthetic into the scrotum. After this it should be pretty much pain free. If you do experience any pain during the procedure please let us know and I can stop and put more local anaesthetic in. You should be aware that you will still feel some pushing and pulling around your genitalia despite the anaesthetic; anybody who has had a filling done at the dentists will know of this residual sensation during a local anaesthetic.

You should also be aware that it feels like you have been kicked in the nuts once the anaesthetic wears off. Most men will find that this discomfort settles down over the course of a few days.

There is a small risk (thought to be less than 1%) of long-term pain in the testicles; this is known as chronic post vasectomy pain syndrome. There are a number of treatments available to try to relieve this.

This depends on the nature of your job. A desk-based worker will be able to return within 48-72 hours. A job involving constant physical effort will require up to two weeks off work.

From the diagram overleaf you can see that, anatomically speaking, the surgery doesn’t affect your testicles (the testosterone producing organs) or the prostate/seminal vesicles (the semen producing organs). All a vasectomy does is stop the vital ingredient being added to your ejaculate. You will experience no loss of libido or change in your ejaculate (although sometimes there is a small amount of blood in the first couple of ejaculates after the operation). There will be no effect on your ability to produce erections. Some men comment that after being declared sterile they enjoy sex more as they no longer have to worry about a baby being born nine months later.

No. Sperm are the SAS soldiers of the human world. They have a life cycle lasting at least 90 days so any sperm upstream of where the cut is made in the tubes could still get your partner pregnant. These therefore need to be flushed out with at least 24 ejaculations (yes somebody has actually done the maths) between the operation and your sample date at least sixteen weeks later.

Work—see above

Showering—24 hours

Vigorous Exercise/Motorcycling —Two weeks

Baths/Hot tubs/Swimming—Two weeks

Sex—after a week...but most men leave it longer (and don’t forget to keep using other contraception until you have a clear semen sample)

Washing up—Depends on your Mrs

No. Use condoms if you have concerns about STI’s.

If you are even considering having a reversal you should not proceed with a vasectomy. Vasectomy reversal is expensive and not always successful.

The world health organization and a number of studies show that, at present, vasectomy does not increase your risk of heart disease, cancer or other illnesses.

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To book a vasectomy Bundaberg consultation, please the clinic on (07) 4150 1800.

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