Rebekah McLaughlin

Rebekah McLaughlin

Diabetes Educator, Registered Nurse

Diabetes education is a service offered to people with diabetes to help support, guide, teach and partner with them to better understand their diabetes and how this impacts their health and daily lives. Diabetes educators are health professionals that are specialists in diabetes management and work closely with people with diabetes to improve their health outcomes.

Diabetes education at our clinic is provided by Rebekah Mclaughlin. Rebekah has a bachelor of nursing and has been nursing since 2019. She obtained her Graduate Certificate in Diabetes education and Management in 2022 and progressed to be a Credentialled diabetes educator in 2023. Rebekah’s services include the following:

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM’s)
  • Diabetes self-management education

Rebekah is passionate about providing education and support to people with diabetes to help them self-manage their diabetes, prevent complications and improve their quality of life. She believes in adopting a person-centred, holistic approach in supporting people with diabetes to achieve their health goals.

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